Rare Breed Portland Wool Batting

Our rare breed Portland sheep are sheared each Spring. The fleeces are then taken to a mill where they are scoured, cleaned and then spun by traditional machines to create worsted wool suitable for knitting or weaving. We sell this pure new worsted wool in 100g hanks. Worsted yarn consists of long fibres that lie parallel, so that the materials made from it are smooth, soft, lean and strong. Choose either hanks which knit as double knitting or hanks which knit as 4ply.

Wool sent to you will all be from the same batch. Farnell Farm wool is in its natural colour a beautiful natural creamy white. It has not been bleached or dyed. It is an ideal wool for making historical garments as it is a similar type of worsted wool as was used when hand knitting was a cottage industry in the English countryside. Portland sheep originate from the Isle of Portland in Dorset where they have been found for hundreds of years. They are on the at risk register of the Rare Breed Survival Trust. The Doomsday Book records that in 1299 there were nine hundred sheep on the Isle of Portland. Their fine wool is recognised as excellent for handspinning and knitting. In knitting, the worsted spun yarn produces a smooter less woolly fabric.

We also sell batts made from selected fleeces of our Portland sheep. To make a batt the fleece has been cleaned, scoured and carded ready for hand spinning or felt making. Each batt is the pure new wool from one Portland fleece and weighs at least 250g As we have a small flock we have limited supplies of these natural products.

Order by post

Send a cheque payable to Farnell Farm, stating the number of boxes required, the delivery address and your contact details, to the following address: Farnell Farm, Sandhurst Lane, Rolvenden, Kent, TN17 4PH.

Pure New Wool Batting (Weight 200g)