Award Winning Golden Brown Kentish Cobnuts

Lambert's Filbert the true Kentish Cobnut.

It was developed in Kent in the 1830s by Mr Lambert of Goudhurst. A filbert has a husk longer than its nut and an ovoid shaped nut unlike the rounded shape of a wild hazelnut. A filbert has a long frilly husk that completely covers the nut. It is a cultivar of the wild hazelnut.

The Kentish Cobnut was the most widely grown variety of cobnut in Kent with its peak of production in 1913 when there were 7000 acres of cobnut plats. Today there are only about 250 acres of all varieties of cobnut commercially grown in the UK. Each variety of cobnut has its own special taste. The true Kentish Cobnut, Lambert's Filbert has been recognised, since Victorian times, for its great depth of flavour and excellent storage qualities. THE FRUIT GROWER'S GUIDE published by The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers in 1891 states "All points considered, this is the finest of all nuts." All our cobnuts are naturally grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or chemical sprays. We have a wonderful workforce of ladybirds and pheasants, which keep the pests under control.


Kentish Cobnuts are sold fresh when ripe between late August and the end of October. They are also available dried from October to December. They can be eaten as they are or added to salads or pasta and are delicious roasted.

Our next Golden Brown Kentish Cobnuts harvest will be available from October 2020. 1lb/454g box of Golden Brown Kentish Cobnuts £9.99 (UK Only).

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1lb/454g Box of Golden Brown Kentish Cobnuts


500g Kentish Golden Brown Dehusked Cobnuts in a Hessian Sack


500g Kentish Golden Brown Dehusked Cobnuts in a Hessian Sack with Chrome Nut Crackers